dental practice consulting

We are strategically aligned with dentists that own multiple dental practices in Arkansas, and though they primarily supervise other dentists in these practices, they continue to practice dentistry themselves. These dentists have a vast degree of knowledge around how to market and run a successful dental practice, but equally important is their ability to identify practices worth purchasing. If you are entertaining the idea of acquiring a dental practice, this counsel can provide helpful insight into what would be beneficial to negotiate, how the arrangement should be structured, and whether or not the practice is a wise purchase.

Consulting Services - $300/hr

  • Practice Acquisition and Merger Assistance:

Dental practice acquisitions and mergers both require proper strategies coupled with sensible guidelines to result in successful, profitable transitions or partnerships. Whether you need an outside review to help determine the value and quality of a practice to purchase, or are looking for another practice with which to merge and grow, we can provide you with the expertise and experience to ensure a smooth and calculated transition.

  • Practice Sale Options:

If you are in need of the liquidity and freedom afforded by the sale of your practice, or perhaps looking for a succession plan and need pass your own practice on to another, we ensure that you are receiving the value of your labor with a seamless transition. Among other things, we can provide a pro/con analysis of your practice, help you determine its proper value, or join with you in negotiations review as you look to make an astute sale.

  • Establishing Office Protocols

Help your team flourish and increase the efficiency of your staff by developing properly structured office protocols that allow everyone to understand their roles and responsibilities. 

Office policy - $2,000

Set up and implement the policies that will determine the quality of your services and the efficiency of your practice. 

Associate Agreement - $1,500

You have grown, and are now need assistance bringing on an associate. We will help set up the terms of this agreement so that both parties are satisfied with their needs and preferences considered. +